Image Credit: Jeff Kravitz/; Michael Ochs Archives/Getty ImagesIf you want to give someone a history of American pop music in 75 minutes, you could do worse than “Chartsweep,” a massive compilation of every chart-topping single from 1956 until 1992 (or, more precisely, from Dean Martin’s “Memories Are Made of This” to Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You”).

“Chartsweep” was originally created by pop music archivist Hugo Keesing, who based it off a syndicated radio show from his youth. We recommend turning up your speakers and letting pop history wash over you, paying particular attention to how certain trends come and go.

(Also, pay attention to how some people keep on returning to the top over the decades—Michael Jackson puts in his first appearance around the 22-minute mark, and then reappears triumphantly about twenty minutes later.) Listen below: