How is American Idol runner-up slash human Beanie Baby David Archuleta coping since being dropped from his record label? Apparently, pretty well. Yesterday, the singer posted a video on YouTube in which he addresses the separation — after telling a cute story about celebrating his sister’s birthday and describing his President’s Day trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain, of course. (This kid is 20 years old? Seriously?)

According to Archuleta, “Jive has been changing as a company” — both Sony Music president Barry Weiss and Jeff Fenster, Archuleta’s A&R representative, have left Jive recently. Additionally, notes Archuleta, he’s also changing as an artist, so continuing to work with Jive “just didn’t feel like the right thing now.” Still, he’s optimistic about what might be coming next: “I’m looking forward to the future, what David is going to be giving to you guys!” Aww, there’s that can-do spirit that made us swoon for Archie in ’08! Watch the video for yourself below.