Did you enjoy Waiting for ‘Superman’, but feel like it could have used more casual vulgarity and ambient drug usage? Then, my friends, I give you Bad Teacher, in which Cameron Diaz plays an awful elementary school teacher who grades papers with four-letter words, smokes “medicinal” marijuana on school property, and generally acts completely disinterested in teaching her terrible students anything. It’s a kick to see Diaz swearing up a storm in the red-band trailer. The cast also includes Jason Segel as a lovable-loser gym teacher and Justin Timberlake as a rich, attractive, Timberlake-y new teacher. Personally, I’m digging the fact that Diaz’ best friend is played by Phyllis Smith, aka, Phyllis from The Office. (iCarly fans who are smart enough to sneak into R-rated movies will also be excited to see Noah Munck. I believe in you, smart iCarly fans!) Check out the trailer after the jump:

Movie fans, like what you see here? Am I the only one who can’t wait for Werner Herzog’s inevitable remake, Bad Teacher: Port of Call New Orleans?

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