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Love is all you need! J. Lo broke down! Chat about Wednesday night’s American Idol here after the show, then come back later for my most dramatic full episode recap…ever.

12 PM WEDNESDAY: I know, I know, the promos for tonight’s American Idol give it all away: the contestants sang Beatles songs in pairs or groups during the unprecedented Field Trip to Vegas portion of the competition. According to Nigel Lythgoe, after all that drama and walkup, they’re only airing Vegas footage for a single hour instead of the originally planned two. What?!

Too bad. As someone whose general awareness level tends to hover somewhere between reality (television) and Strawberry Fields, I am excited for Beatles night. So just for fun, I chose appropriate or in some cases “appropriate” tunes for 20 of our warblers. What? Why shouldn’t I sit in my nowhere land, making all these nowhere plans for nobody? “Because” is not a good enough answer. I’m in the middle of a dream! Turn off your mind, relax, and float downstream. I will pass you (as I will be floating upstream, in my bed, and we will wave. Hello! Goodbye.) Really, it’s getting better all the time! I’ll stop.

Help! Which songs would you have picked for them?

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