Sony Pictures has acquired the rights to the IDW Publishing comic book Zombies vs. Robots, in which the last human survivor of a walking-unded apocalypse is defended by a metallic army. The genre mash-up will be produced by Michael Bay, which suggests the robots and zombies will eventually find a non-violent way of working out their differences, of course.

The series began in 2006, written by IDW’s version of Mad Men‘s Don Draper, chief creative officer Chris Ryall, and artist Ashley Wood. The comic-book house also publishes new versions of G.I. Joe and Transformers, as well as the vampire series 30 Days of Night (previously adapted into a feature film).

A later series was called Zombies vs. Robots vs Amazons (not kidding), and considering this July will bring the big-budget mash-up Cowboys & Aliens, and we’ve already seen Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus, and a few Aliens vs. Predators, what other geek-beloved dichotomies could make for a compelling movie?

How about Gangsters vs. Vampires? Darn, that one is already sorta taken.

How about Civil War Buffs vs. Mutants From Chernobyl? Suggested tagline: “The Re-Enactors are in The Reactor!”