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Image Credit: ITVNot only does Michael Chiklis star in and co-executive produce ABC’s No Ordinary Family, he helps with the soundtrack, too! Fans of the ex-Vic Mackey may want to tune into the March 1 episode, which will feature a single recorded by the actor and his eponymous band.

Dubbed Til I Come Home, the sentimental tune will play over a tender moment between Kay Panabaker, who plays Chiklis’ daughter Daphne, and her boyfriend, though the song was actually written and sung by the actor to pay tribute to the overseas troops and his cousin’s service. (Sample lyrics: It’s so lonely here without you … I know I have to keep my faith…I will pray to God you won’t be very long…)

“I’ve been a musician my whole life,” Chiklis told EW exclusively. “I’m really enjoying making music again and this is a real band! Also, this was written and recorded in my house! This is not a product of the machine … it’s just heartfelt, homegrown music. More to come too.”

The truly obsessed can buy it on I-Tunes.

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No Ordinary Family
Michael Chiklis and Julie Benz headline a drama about an average family with superhero powers.
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