Tom Cruise, John Stockwell, ... | ROWDY TEENAGERS Tom Cruise and John Stockwell in Losin' It
Credit: Embassy/courtesy Everett Collection

Losin' It

When the teen T&A comedy Porky’s scored at the box office in the spring of 1982, Hollywood quickly realized there was an audience — largely male, teenage, and horny as hell — itching to see guys as clueless as they were willing to humiliate themselves in the quest to get laid. Most of these knockoffs were god-awful. But a few, like the three in a new MGM ’80s box set, added heart to the hormonal high jinks.

Losin’ It (1983, R, 1 hr., 40 mins.) Just months before Risky Business turned Tom Cruise into a tighty-whities sensation, he starred in this south-of-the-border lark about… yes, three sex-hungry high school pals gunning to lose their virginity. This time their libidos are let loose in Tijuana. (Cue the donkey-stripper act!) A slumming Shelley Long plays Cruise’s cougar confidante. B?

Losin' It
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  • 100 minutes