By Chris Nashawaty
Updated February 22, 2011 at 05:00 AM EST
Cannon Film/ Courtesy: Everett Collection.

When the teen T&A comedy Porky’s scored at the box office in the spring of 1982, Hollywood quickly realized there was an audience — largely male, teenage, and horny as hell — itching to see guys as clueless as they were willing to humiliate themselves in the quest to get laid. Most of these knockoffs were god-awful. But a few, like the three in a new MGM ’80s box set, added heart to the hormonal high jinks.

The Last American Virgin (1982, R, 1 hr., ? 33 mins.) Porky’s rip-offs don’t come more shameless than this tale about a trio of sex-hungry high school pals gunning to lose their virginity (it even has a locker-room peephole scene). But Virgin is also one of the few Reagan-era romps that could put a lump in your throat, as loser Gary (Lawrence Monoson) watches his skeevy best friend (Steve Antin) steal his dream girl. Thank-fully, the Cars keep things fizzy by shaking it up on the soundtrack. B