Lady Gaga is not shy about putting her ta-tas on display, but in this NSFW behind-the-scenes video from her photo shoot with Terry Richardson (the same person who took risqué photos of the Glee cast last year), she shows that she's got a lot more to share.

The photos, taken for a Supreme advertisement to appear in Purple Magazine, were apparently shot at the same time Richardson took the meaty photos of Gaga for Vogue Hommes Japan. But the now-released video from the shoot is more revealing than any of the photos produced or so far shown to the public.

For those of you reading this at work, in church (best place to read, by the way), at school, or any other place where someone can judge you for watching semi-pornographic grinding, I will briefly recap the one-minute video:

We begin in a room with a white backdrop, where Gaga is standing in a white t-shirt, salmon-colored shoes that are not as extreme as the armadillo ones, and little else. By the 20-second mark, she's already given one of her gagas a friendly squeeze, suggestively licked her bicep  (talented!), stretched her shirt over her lady parts in attempt to compensate for her lack of underpants, and used a skateboard to cover, well, everything. The other 40 seconds is basically the same thing, plus or minus some fishnets, a garish necklace, a large purse, and a child. Yes, a child. Maybe four years old by my estimate. And no, I have no idea what he was doing there besides looking totally confused. (But I want to find out…)

If you happen to find yourself in a position to watch this video now, do so with caution. Once you do, tell us what you think, Mixers. (Oh, and before you accidentally kill your eardrums later, the audio has been removed by the copyright police. So there's no sound.)

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