It was just last Thursday that Britney debuted the video for her No. 1 hit "Hold It Against Me" — but as is often the case with pop music, we're already on to the next thing!

And that's the next single from Brit-Brit, which is apparently going to be a song called "I Wanna Go" —and which, like "Hold It Against Me," again comes to us from hit-maestro Dr. Luke, who's responsible for everyone from Ke$ha to Jessie J.

A 20-second snippet of the song has hit the internets. In the vein of "Hold It Against Me," "I Wanna Go" sounds like it's going to be a veritable dance-floor banger, too—it's loaded with synthy sounds, an addictive whistle, and a crescendo-ish, almost ascendant vocal from Ms. Spears. I'd say that the general vibe is basically: If you love dancey Britney, you'll have no trouble loving this. Click through the jump here to take a quick listen.

And: Thoughts? Love it? Hate it?

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