We read the Black Eyed Peas' new memoir so you don't have to

How He Paid His Dues
One pre-Peas gig involved cleaning up horse manure at Disneyland. Later he trained to become an EMT; instead of submitting an essay for his final exam, he rapped about what he’d learned: ”Ventricular septum/My rectum,” and so on. He didn’t pass.

Why He’s So Taboo
His moniker didn’t mean much when he came up with it. Taboo — born Jaime Gomez — likes words with a ”big first letter and rising middle letter.” Another alter ego he picked for that reason: Dalas.

What the Peas Are All About
”We [are] about braggadocious hope, not braggadocious violence…. We [are] more lyrical-miracle-braggadocious, rapping about skills and positivity.”

Random Celeb Gossip
According to the book, Macy Gray has gigantic feet, Flavor Flav’s astrological sign is ”TARANTULA!” and Toni Braxton’s love of candles led to the Peas’ studio burning down.