February 18, 2011 at 05:00 AM EST

For better or worse — and we say worse — Sandler’s latest romp, Just Go With It, is chock-full of the star’s signature humor. At least he’s consistent.

1. Adult males who look and act like summer campers
They wear shorts and old T-shirts (Hawaiian shirts for fancy occasions) and bark like dogs. When they’re feeling grown-up, they play golf — and have the hats to prove it.

2. Schlubby dudes who bag babes
Only in Sandler land does Jennifer Aniston need a makeover to be hot enough.

3. Middle school humor!
Wallow in crude toilet humor, painful crotch gags, and stunts involving animals — this time, a sheep in need of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

4. Jokes about gays!
Turns out that Nicole Kidman’s onscreen husband (Dave Matthews) likes guys. Ha-ha-ha!

5. Exhaustingly zany sidekicks
Nick Swardson picks up the Rob Schneider role, and Kevin Nealon stops by as a Botox victim.

6. Jokes about Jews!
The man who wrote ”The Chanukah Song” schmears on the caricature with a Jewish bridezilla and a groom (himself) with the world’s biggest schnozz.

7. Endless talk of boobs and boners
Swimsuit model Brooklyn Decker in a bikini is an opportunity for in-depth conversation about both.

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