After playing second-fiddle to Elmo the interloper for far too long, Grover — that is, his alter ego, Super Grover 2.0 — is finally getting some time in the spotlight. Starting Monday, Feb. 21, Sesame Street will be celebrating “Super Grover 2.0 Week”, featuring a daily segment with everybody’s favorite (furry blue) superhero, whose powers involve the ability to observe, investigate, question, and report phenomenon to help kids solve problems. (For example, when confronted with a stinky smell, Super Grover 2.0 uses his nose to investigate… and learns the source of the odor is his Utility Sock.) SG2.0 will also get some love on, with web-only clips and games. Am I only one out there who feels this Grover tribute is long overdue?

Maybe it’s because I’m a child of the 70s, but it’s always bothered me that These Darn Kids Today seem to be all about Elmo — have they never seen Grover’s stunning performances in Back and Front, Grover and John John Count to 1, or the Monsterpiece Theater classic The 39 Stairs? Also, Grover doesn’t have the annoying habit of talking in the third person, like some fuzzy monsters we know. So, fellow Grover fans, are you excited? And be sure to click below to check out an exclusive sneak peek of the special Super Grover 2.0 “movie” that will debut on next week.