Sometimes, I drift off while watching yet another installment of Real Housewives (of Beverly Hills, of course, I would never fall asleep during Atlanta, let’s get real) and then, pachoo! All the sudden I look up and colorful shapes are flying at my face! Someone is laughing wildly and flicking mashed potatoes off a spoon into the camera! Buttons! Padma Lakshmi/Tom Coliccio/Bethenny Frankel/Tabatha Coffey/Andy Cohen pops up and stares me down! Always the same hands-on-hips pose. Always the dead eyes that say “Fall asleep, I dare you.” Rarely does a 30-second interval pass without a commercial for another Housewives franchise or reality competition show. It’s maddening, yet oddly comforting.

Michael Showalter, comedian and secret Bravo-fan extrordinaire, knows this feeling well. So well, in fact, that he’s produced the world’s most astonishingly accurate parody of the Bravo commercial, substituting mashed potatoes for murder, naturally. Check out the clip below!

“I love any reality show on Bravo,” Showalter tells EW. “I just thought it would be funny to do a show that would combine all of them into one show.” Though the faux-mercial is mainly a spoof of Bravo’s bevy of reality competitions, Showalter admits his guiltiest pleasures are the first ladies of Bravo’s Real Housewives. “The minute I start watching it I can’t stop. I can’t even say it’s a guilty pleasure. It’s just guilty.”

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