Image Credit: CBSIn the past week, we’ve watched Lady Gaga hatch out of a see-through space pod on the Grammys, down shots with Anderson Cooper on a revealing 60 Minutes profile, and release the fastest-selling single in the history of iTunes. But the indefatigable pop star still has plenty of headline fodder left in her. In an interview on Sirius XM’s The Morning Mashup! today, Gaga said that she’s “destined” for the big screen and would like to see either Marisa Tomei or Rosario Dawson play her, according to THR. She also said that she is: currently on “the drunk diet”… spent her Valentine’s Day with her shoe collection… does “a ton” of yoga… really did stay in her Grammy egg for 72 hours… and thinks Christina Aguilera is “wonderful.”

All in all, the interview packed enough quotable morsels to keep the soundbite-snarfing dragon that is the blogosphere satisfied for a full… Nope? Still hungry? Wait, there’s more! A few of Gaga’s best recent moments were never even broadcast. The 60 Minutes Overtime website offers a series of clips culled from their 15 hours of Gaga footage (which they pared down to a lean 12-minute segment) that contain some surprisingly frank and funny revelations about the 24 year-old pop superstar. Check out the highlights here:

Gaga cries! Sitting on the steps of her old apartment building, a tearful Gaga tells Anderson Cooper that she never knew whether her search for fame would be successful. One 60 Minutes producer posits that the tears were less candid than camera-ready, but we’re not so sure; it’s pretty hard to read Gaga’s po-po-po-poker face. (Watch the top video here at the 1:25 mark)

Gaga gets naked! Well, not really. But we do get to see the (surprisingly small) dressing room where the Lady presumably dons her birthday suit while switching from one eye-popping costume to another during her concerts. (Same vid as above, but this time skip to 4:00)

Gaga micromanages, just like Madonna and Babs! In a tongue-in-cheek comparison video, 60 Minutes producers intercut Gaga outtakes with footage of past pieces on Madonna and Barbra Streisand. All three ladies earn their Diva Behavior merit badges by trying to direct their own segments, right down to the angles of the shots, while their interviewers get increasingly impatient. But are they bratty prima donnas, or just sisters doin’ it for themselves? You be the judge! (Bottom video)

Any other great moments we missed, Music Mixers? Let us know in the comments.

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