In Funny or Die’s alternate universe — you know, mystical place where Paris Hilton is funny — James Franco needs help hosting the Oscars. (We know this is not true in our real universe, thanks to the charming promo with co-host Anne Hathaway already released.) So who better to go to than pal and Producers Guild Awards host Judd Apatow, the man gave Franco his big break in Freaks & Geeks? Asks Franco in the somewhat NSFW video: “Is there, like, a class I can take? I’m at Yale right now, so is there, like, a class like that that I can, like, take? Like, I’m hosting.” (And, yes, that’s four “likes.” English professors do not like this, says Facebook.) Ultimately, after tossing around an R-rated idea, Franco settles on an idea: “I got an idea … Here’s what we’re going to do. You host the Producers Guild Awards, and you tell me all the jokes that work. And then I’m going to use those for the Oscars, because nobody watches the Producer Guild Awards.”

No word from Franco or Apatow’s camp about whether or not the video was ad-libbed — though it certainly appears that it was — but watching it makes me even happier about the fact that Franco just joined Twitter. Since the dude’s so busy, I fully expect him to be tweeting 24/7. It will be like 24 — except Franco probably uses the bathroom.

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