Jerry Stiller follows a long line of stellar guests behind the bench

As the newest judge on The Good Wife (Feb. 22), Jerry Stiller follows a long line of stellar guests behind the bench.

Jerry Stiller
Judge Felix Afterman
Signature Role Frank Costanza, co-creator of the ”Manssiere” and cantankerous father to Seinfeld‘s George Costanza.
Judging Style Does constantly falling asleep on the bench count?
Quirk Tries to pass off his many siestas as time when he’s ”thinking.”

Denis O’Hare
Judge Charles Abernathy
Signature Role Russell Edgington, the 2,800- year-old vampire King of Mississippi on True Blood.
Judging Style A little bit daffy, and so liberal he’s obsessed with constantly proving how fair he is.
Quirk All but requires everyone in his courtroom to give blood. Clever nod, eh?

Ana Gasteyer
Judge Patrice Lessner
Signature Role Six seasons on Saturday Night Live.
Judging Style Sharp, no-nonsense, and fact-focused.
Quirk Demands that every statement in her courtroom be accompanied by the words in my opinion, to make it clear that those statements are not facts.

David Paymer
Judge Richard Cuesta
Signature Roles The consummate ”that guy” has had memorable spots in City Slickers, Get Shorty, and more.
Judging Style Surly but fair, and hates to be interrupted.
Quirk Swearing in? Acceptable. Plain old swearing? Not a chance. Lawyers must use the word fluff instead.

David Oyelowo Judge Edward Weldon
Signature Role Danny Hunter on the U.K.’s MI-5.
Judging Style Coolheaded and even-handed — unless you just fouled him on the other court (basketball), in which case…watch out!
Quirk Does not respond well to defense attorneys making subtle hoops references at his expense.