Image Credit: Giovanni Rufino/The CW; Monty Brinton/CBS; Karen Neal/ABCTV, I wish I knew how to quit you.

Actually…no I don’t. Without you, we’d all be bored, heartless, apathetic loners. Let’s never part. I’ll make you a deal: You stay highly entertaining, I’ll spoil, and we will all promise to consume our television programming greedily. And judging by what’s coming up on Castle, Outsourced, How I Met Your Mother, Gossip Girl and a ton of other shows, you’re going to be keeping up your end of the bargain.

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Adrian Pasdar is no stranger to playing a hero, so taking on his role as Department of Homeland Security Agent Mark Fallon in the upcoming two-part Castle event was a natural fit. And whatever world-saving skills he’s still got stored away from his Heroes days are certainly called into play during the dramatic episodes — especially in “Countdown,” airing Feb. 28. (In case you missed it: I teased the first part last week.)

“‘Countdown’ is just that — the clock is ticking at the beginning. We have to head off at the pass of what could be a detrimental, nasty echo of 9/11 to NYC,” he says of the bomb the team is tracking in the episodes. “When you’re dealing with such weighty subject matter — and some of my best friends are former FBI agents and first responders, so I have a responsibility, as do all Americans or any concerned citizen of the world — to protect the memory of the victims. That is, sort of in a nutshell, what the second episode is about. And there’s a reveal that makes it all come together why he is the way he is.”

“The way he is” meaning Agent Fallon is kind of a jerk — to put it frankly. But Pasdar promises, it all makes sense. “The reveal in the second episode is one of the best-written reveals I’ve ever been a part of, and I’ve been a part of few good ones. From Profit to Heroes, there have been a few. But this ranks among them,” he says.

The pressure is on, lines are crossed, and my expectations are sky-high. Pasdar suggests I won’t be disappointed: “The hardest thing to do in television is combine realism with escapism. It always has, and it always will be. But this second episode does it seamlessly. So in terms of expectations, I think [it will] supersede them. Television doesn’t get any better than the second episode of Castle.”


Last night’s episode of The Vampire Diaries was certainly a tough one for Aunt Jenna (Sara Canning). Not only did she find herself distrusting her beau Alaric, but then he went and all but confirmed his streak of dishonesty regarding Isobel. And as it turns out, it’s only going to get worse for Elena’s still-clueless guardian.

“We’ll see her deal with it in her Jenna-like way. She’ll deal with some crazy stuff in next week’s episode, too, actually. Something that will shake her up even worse,” Canning teases.

Um, what could be worse than that? If I had to guess, it might have something to do with Jenna being out of the loop on a certain important matter. Of course, Canning doesn’t say exactly what that was, but I think we know.

“I don’t think it will be just speculation on her part. I think we’re going to see some stuff happen that are pretty smack you in the face proof,” she says. “I’m not going to say particularly that she’s been worried about, but she’s going to have some stuff happen to her that has no other explanation and there will be no way people will talk their way out of it.”

I’d personally like to see her get a glimpse of Elena and Katherine side-by-side or see a vampire die or transform. That’d be freaking awesome. Guesses? Hopes?

Image Credit: Jyoti Kapoor/India Today Group/Getty Images‘OUTSOURCED’: BIG GUEST STAR COMING. LITERALLY.

With the fate of NBC’s Outsourced still in limbo, the freshman comedy is bringing out the big guns when it comes to guest stars. Rather, WWE wrestler The Great Khali is bringing his big guns to the show. Parvesh Cheena, who plays chatty Gupta on the show, called me just hours before his was to have his first meeting with Khali…and he was rightfully terrified for Gupta’s well-being.

“I don’t wanna get hurt. Because they do beat me up on the show,” he says, laughing. “I love it, and I’m a whore for laughs, so I’ll fall down, get slapped, dance, everything, you know, slapped in the face, hit with a cricket bat, everything. And now they have me with the wrestler, so I’m a little nervous, but it should be kind of cool.”

While he was coy about the details, Cheena says Khali’s appearance “involves an HR incident.” Between this and Gupta’s (BONUS SCOOP) upcoming money troubles that force him to attempt holding a second job as a rickshaw driver, there looks to be tough times ahead for poor Gupta. And, of course, laughs for us.

For more on Cheena AND some exclusive pics from Khali’s time on set that he promised to text me, check Inside TV later today! UPDATE: Click here!


How I Met Your Mother is better now than it’s ever been, and I think this plot with Marshall missing his dad is great. But I’m in search of word on my man Barnacle. We going to see his storyline picking up? — Danny

In a major way. In the episode just before the show goes on a month-long break, Barney’s budding relationship with Nora gets serious. Really, really, really, really, really serious. (That’s barely enough “really”s.) So serious that the end of said episode could leave you in tears — but I’m not saying if they are happy or sad ones.

Image Credit: Nicole Rivelli/The CWNeed some dish on Gossip Girl! — Sharon

Did you read my chat with Connor Paolo? Good. Because that was just a small tease of what’s coming to Eric in the next few episodes, especially when Billy Baldwin returns to reprise his role as the van der Woodsen patriarch. “Between Eric and Serena, Eric has a much closer relationship with Rufus. He does not really have a relationship with his biological father and whenever he shows up, it’s a threatening thing with Rufus, and Eric tries to back up Rufus over his own father, which creates a bit of a riff as you can imagine,” he says. Thankfully, Eric is turning 18 soon and the subsequent wisdom of turning a year older will better equip him to deal with his bats—t crazy family. Oh, but there has to be a party first, and “it’s not what you’d expect for an 18th birthday,” Paolo says, “but then again, what ever is on our show.” I gotta give him that one.

Is this BLAIR kissing DAN?!? — Carrie

Remember that returning face I teased to you? Lets just say I’d be royally disappointed if the person in the picture isn’t who I think it is, because Blair needs to be treated like a princess. Plus, I want Dair to be dragged out — I love it too much to waste it.

Would love some scoop on Private Practice! — Neela

In an upcoming episode, Violet works with a group of teenagers who got pregnant at the same time but as a result of a session gone sour, she starts to regret releasing her very personal book.

PLEASE investigate this and let us know if NBC accidentally revealed a HUGE Parks & Rec spoiler about Andy and April! — Allison

Official sources say that it was a mistake and not a spoiler. And my mom says don’t believe everything you’re told. Both have been correct on numerous occasions. Take your pick.

I LOVE Raising Hope, especially Maw-Maw! Any scoop? — Vic

Well, if you like relatives, you’ll love this. Next season, we’re going to meet Burt’s parents! “We actually have a story idea, but we ran out of episodes for this season to do it,” showrunner Greg Garcia tells me. “But I think that as you continue on, rather than just looking forward at these people and their lives, it’s always fun to look back and see how they became who they were. There’s a little bit of stuff [in an upcoming episode] with the cousin Mike story, where J.K. Simmons plays Burt’s brother. There’s some stuff we get into there about his relationship with his brother. But certainly I think we’re going to meet Burt’s parents in season 2 and learn more about his backstory as well. In our season finale, there’s a lot of explanation about the relationship between Maw-Maw and Burt and Virginia and their whole dynamic, as well.” Now, take your casting suggestions in comments!

Please, more Raising Hope scoop! The show is so under-loved. — Gale

There will be an episode coming up where the family tackles the issue of Hope’s custody…should they all die. Leave it to Hope to make talk of a sudden, freak death funny. I’m laughing inappropriately already.

OMFG. Cappie on Parenthood. Did you hear that, Sandra? Cappie on PARENTHOOD!! PUH-LEASE tell me more. I’m IN LOVE with Scott Michael Foster! — Mrs. Cappie

He is heading to Parenthood, but be warned: His character, Gary, probably won’t be CappieLand-creating type. In fact, he might not be the best influence for Amber. Nay, he won’t be a good influence at all. You’ll see. Now a question for you: Should Foster make out that restraining order to “Mrs. Cappie” or do you go by something else regularly?

Image Credit: Adam Taylor/ABCIs Avery on Grey’s going to crack up, too, or did he somehow get over his PTSD off screen. I have been waiting for his big scene, but I am not sure now that it is going to happen. — Ellie

Me neither, Ellie. I was thinking he would have a moment after we saw that documentary-style episode and his mini-freak out, but it doesn’t look like it’s in the cards. Plus, Avery might be too busy to freak out once he gets a new lady in his life. Jesse Williams (accidentally) explains: “I think Jackson may get, by season’s end — oh I can’t say that. I have to be careful. I will say that Jackson is working very hard to find a woman to call his own, and he may succeed by the finale.” Meanwhile, I there will be a returning guest star soon! Williams’ abs. I say it’s time to make them regulars.

I’m totally loving by Fairly Legal. Need info, please! — Taylor

By season’s end, someone will be taking a pregnancy test — and it will be positive. #Imightbesortofmessingwithyou (P.S. Twitter hashtags in text: Yay or nay? I’m going to go with nay and thus retire to my cave of shame.)

Defenders fans would love some scoop! We’re a bigger group than you think! — Kate

In next week’s episode, Lisa and Nick butt heads over a case involving a big pharmaceutical company, and we learn that Pete has a severe shellfish allergy. (P.S. – Who eats shrimp on pizza?!? Ick.) In tiny cameo news, look for a short appearance by William Russ, a.k.a. Alan freaking Matthews from Boy Meets World. Okay, well, that was important to me. And if you judge me for that reference, I’m never scooping you or your big group ever again…

I would love some dish on the ladies from Hot In Cleveland? — Paige

The ladies are going out on the town…to a gay bar…where someone might be thinking about competing in a drag queen contest. Sorry, I love dramatic pauses.

Ding-dong, Hanna’s gone! Got some scoop on Seeley’s next move? — Kathy

If you haven’t read Mandi Bierly’s in-depth talk with EP Stephen Nathan, then I suggest you do so ASAP. Meanwhile, I can supplement by saying that we’ll soon find out a very important fact about Seeley: Whether or not he believes in Yetis.

When will we see more of Charice on Glee and where was that Black Eyed Peas song we were promised in the Superbowl episode? — Jesse W

I’m told they are still nailing down the exact time frame for her multi-episode return, but some Pea action is still in the plan.

When is Jessalyn Gilsig coming back to Glee? I’m starting to think I’m Terri’s only fan! — Rion

Well, I’m sorry to report, but you won’t get your much-needed dose of Terri’s crazy any time soon. There had been rumors she’d be back in episode 15, titled “Sexy,” but they were just that: rumors. Will keep you posted.

As a fellow person who has an inappropriate crush on Tom Selleck, I’m hoping you have some scoop on Blue Bloods. — Sammy

I sure do, and it comes straight from the mouth of producer Leonard Goldberg, who tells EW that we will see the end of the Blue Templar mystery this season, “hopefully in a very exciting manner…. I think we have done a good job at pacing that mystery out for the season and how it affects this family, but we never planned for it to be something that would carry on throughout multiple seasons,” he says. “I think the Blue Templar was a way to engage viewers and pull them in but if we get a second season, we want to go deeper with our main characters.” And speaking of mysteries and secrets, I’d appreciate it if you kept our little Selleck thing between us.

90210 scoop, please!!!!! — Veronica

Adrianna’s plan for revenge on Silver is a major doozy, and when it’s accidentally revealed in a later episode, all hell will break loose. Did I mention the plan falls apart a party with male strippers? And if this were One Tree Hill, the male strippers would be in on it, and two of them would be the once-conjoined long-lost brothers of one of the girls involved. This is why I don’t write TV shows.

I’d love some scoop on The Middle! — Lia

Sue wants my job! Well, my job once upon a time: student reporter. She tries out for a gig as co-anchor at the student news station but makes a giant mistake — she takes tips from Brick.

Any CSI: Miami scoop to share? — Mike

Yes. And it comes straight from Eva la Rue, who dished (in wonderfully elaborate detail) about an intense upcoming episode: “We just wrapped an episode where I got kidnapped by a serial killer. He duct tapes her and ties her to the back of a van. I ended up escaping and beating the crap out of the guy and he ends up not even being the serial killer. He kidnapped her to try and prove his innocence because he was set up. It’s a good twist. She does not like being tied up or held against her will by men. So I got to go a little berserk. That was a ton of fun to shoot.” And even more fun to spoil!

(Additional reporting by Carrie Bell)

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