Radiohead, Kathy Griffin, Cee Lo and other stars made pop culture news this week

·La Cage aux F#@% ·These wise words from Barney on How I Met Your Mother: ”February 13th, a magical night, when a 10 has the self-esteem of a 4 and the depraved enthusiasm of a 2.” ·Why Canada is acting all cocky: Arcade Fire win Grammy, new episodes of Degrassi premiere, and Jack’s daughter on 30 Rock is born a Canuck. ·Adele announces tour; you can get a ticket…that is, if we haven’t bought out every single show yet.

·Radiohead announce new surprise album, which makes them the Sandra Bullock secret baby of the music industry. ·The German cross-eyed opossum who predicts the Oscars (for real) ·Meet Andy Grammer. Now check out his single ”Keep Your Head Up,” and play the choose-your-own-adventure video for the song on his website. ·Kinda ova this ·Bieber killer ·Kathy Griffin launches a Broadway show called Kathy Griffin Wants a Tony
…but is likely ineligible for the award because of some weird rules.

·Leona Lewis, you are not a contestant on Project Runway. Please stop designing your own clothes. ·Ladies, you are not poor. You can afford the whole dress. ·Loved you in Pirates of the Caribbean. ·You need a pop culture time-out. ·Anna Nicole Smith opera to premiere. Says the librettist: ”We were encouraged by the warm reception for the Met’s Paris Hilton ballet.” ·You would think someone with so many gay friends would know better than to dress like this. ·Andrea Zuckerman to star as an alien on The Event. Obviously they chose the wrong 90210 veteran.