Can the 'SNL' castmember and 'Hall Pass' star handle our cringe-worthy questions?

Hall Pass

The Saturday Night Live funnyman makes a play for the big screen in Hall Pass, a Farrelly brothers comedy with Owen Wilson about frisky married men. Can the newly minted movie star handle our cringe-worthy questions?

Refresh my memory. Did we ever sleep together?
Yes. It was wonderful. It was athletic, passionate, and very noisy. A lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I would say the only awkward thing about it was having security escort us out of the IKEA.

Who do you like better, your mom or your dad?
Honestly, it varies daily. But that’s because I base it on who has more followers on Twitter.

You and Owen Wilson play sweet but pathetic husbands in Hall Pass. You’re a little more convincingly pathetic. Why would that be?

What’s harder, being funny or sexy?
I think if you have to work too hard at either one, then you’re probably not quite it. The true goal is to embody both equally and make it look effortless. Like Dog the Bounty Hunter.

What does Tina Fey smell like?
Like I Am King of the Night cologne by Sean John.

You were really funny on Fred Armisen’s Portlandia. Was it weird to take money from a close friend?
Getting paid was quite simple on Portlandia. Fred insists on doing it through direct deposit. Unfortunately, he thinks ”direct deposit” is rolling up a wad of cash and then sticking it between your butt cheeks.

What are some of the worst ways your name has been mispronounced?
SOO-duh-kiss, Suh-DOO-kiss, Suc-DIK-iss, Suh-DIK-liss, Suh-DAY-kiss bin Laden.

Can I borrow some money?
Of course. Do you accept direct deposit?

Hall Pass
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