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Saturday Night Live - Season 42

Image Credit: Peter IovinoThe Saturday Night Live funnyman makes a play for the big screen in Hall Pass, a new Farrelly brothers comedy with Owen Wilson about frisky ­married men (in theaters Feb. 25). He can handle being on live TV every week, he can handle kissing Jon Hamm, but can he handle our cringe-worthy questions?

Refresh my memory. Did we ever sleep together?

Yes. It was wonderful. It was athletic, passionate, and very noisy. A lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I would say the only awkward thing about it was having security escort us out of the IKEA.

Who do you like better, your mom or your dad?

Honestly, it varies daily. But that’s because I base it on who has more followers on Twitter.

How do you think this interview is going so far?

Let’s just say…I wouldn’t be surprised if Frank Langella and Michael Sheen ended up playing us in a movie based upon it some day.

You and Owen Wilson play sweet but pathetic husbands in Hall Pass. You’re a little more convincingly pathetic. Why would that be?


If you were married, would you take a hall pass?

Oh boy, there ya go, gettin’ me all hot and bothered, thinkin’ about our afternoon on the Skodsborg collection at IKEA again.

Hypothetically, if I asked you to, could you text Jennifer Aniston right now?

Hypothetically? Yes. But we typically communicate through semaphore.

You were really funny on Fred Armisen’s Portlandia. Was it weird to take money from a close friend?

Getting paid was quite simple on Portlandia. Fred insists on doing it through direct deposit. Unfortunately, he thinks “direct deposit” is rolling up a wad of cash and then sticking it between your butt cheeks.

How often do people mistake you for Ed Helms?

Luckily it only happens when I’m being either really funny or very nice.

Can I borrow some money?

Of course. Do you accept direct deposit?

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