By Sandra Gonzalez
February 17, 2011 at 09:57 PM EST
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Image Credit: Quantrell Colbert/The CWThe phrase “must watch” can pretty much be applied to any and every single episode of The Vampire Diaries because there seems to be at least one big plot bomb dropped per episode, and tonight is no exception. In a chat with EW, Sara Canning teases a huge event that will happen at the end of tonight’s episode, which finds us delving into Stefan’s past and at a dinner party at Salvatore HQ.

“Something shakes her up a lot,” she said. 

She was mum on details, but my vampy senses say it could be something with Elijah, with whom Canning said her character has “developed a working friendship.”

“It’s fun because we know there’s an element of danger to that,” Canning said of Jenna’s dealings with the baddie vamp. “Also, Elijah is pretty significant in the storyline right now, so it’s nice that Jenna’s in that storyline with him. And he’s a fun character…and maybe something happens between them. Who knows?”

We can also look for Jenna to be reeling after her suspicion-inducing conversation with John last week.

“She doesn’t really know what to do with that piece of information because she knows that John’s an ass and will probably just say stuff just to bother her and create tension. It’s a pretty odd thing to bring up,” she said. “So with that going on in her brain as well as this blossoming friendship with Elijah, she might treat Alaric differently because that’s sometimes what we do — we get defensive when we get vulnerable, when we feel we are being lied to or kept in the dark. I think it’s going to create an interesting dynamic between them.”

But will she confront him?

“You’ll see. Tonight’s episode may or may not deal with that,” she said. (Which means it will…we hope!)

Look for more teases from Canning in tomorrow’s edition of Spoiler Room.

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