Image Credit: Sonja Fleming/CBSOh stop, she was just reading her lines! The Donatacci made a brief appearance on last night’s season finale of $#*! My Dad Says, which means I watched my first episode of $#*! My Dad Says last night. So get this, and try to keep up: Camille the Real Housewife of Beverly Hills played Camille the Real Divorcee of San Diego, a reality TV star looking to buy a house now that her husband has left her. ($#*! stars Will Sasso and Nicole Sullivan played her realtors.) The diligence with which the writers hit every one of her “Oops, I was nervous, I was sad, Kelsey made me do it, I’m 30 percent busier than everyone else in the world, did I say that?” moments was something to behold.

“And I said, ‘I did not ask your husband to stare at me salaciously,” Camille the divorcee sneered to her reality TV show producer on the sitcom. (Men love her, women are jealous, pernicious — check, check, check!) Her new 10,000 square foot house will be her cross to bear. “The kids will share a wing,” her character said. “We’re survivors.” (Massive square footage bitching, check!) At the end of the episode, Camille got barfed on — not that we got to see it, lame! — and she was pissed. “If you’re not talented, pretty, or rich, you better not throw up on the most famous woman in America,” she warned in her private interview. “That’s right, I said it. Suck it Kyle.”

Oh Camille, you goofball with your Z-formation finger. Who else watched? Who else watched only for Camille? Who else is embarrassed by that fact? And who is more than a little embarrassed that the $#*! My Dad Says writers borrowed so heavily from Real Housewives shenanigans?