This week, sandwiched between the best episode of Community I’ve seen yet (Chevy Chase’s deviousness, Joel McHale’s histrionics, LeVar Burton’s magnificent cameo, the satire of single-camera filming in the context of a single-camera show: pretty genius) and the weakest episode of The Office I’ve seen yet (sorry, Office, but sometimes a parody of an unfunny movie just results in a rather unfunny half hour), Perfect Couples was pretty darn funny.

Sure, it’s partly because I share a fear of dead possums, but the slapstick surrounding Dave’s attempts to get rid of the deceased animal was clever, as were the food-poisoning antics of Rex and Leigh. (The whole NBC lineup aligned like the stars: Food poisoning turned up in 30 Rock as well.) The characters on Couples have become more sharply defined since the show’s premiere; I’m really enjoying the tough-love relationship between Kyle Bornheimer’s Dave and Christine Woods’ Julia (Woods is proving to be particularly good at firm outrage). And the show’s designated weird twosome, David Walton’s Vance and Mary Elizabeth Ellis’ Amy, have become authentically weird with gusto. I loved Amy’s impersonation of a helpless woman, gesturing to a fireplace and squeaking, “I sure wish a fire could start in that hole somehow.”

Even the show’s most stylized couple, Olivia Munn’s Leigh and Hayes MacArthur’s Rex, are now rooted in more coherent motives that work as comedy: They want the world around them to be as intense as the two of them are with each other.

No, Perfect Couples isn’t as good as Community, The Office, Parks and Recreation (another fantastic week for that show — Adam Scott and Chris Pratt were the MVPs this week), or 30 Rock, but Perfect Couples is getting better with each half hour.

Agree? Disagree?

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