The new trailer for Marvel Studios’ Thor (out May 6) starts not with booming explosions, but some laughs. It seems Thor (Star Trek‘s Chris Hemsworth) is swinging his hammer toward our funny bone.

This involves the god-hero getting tazed, Natalie Portman raising her eyebrows doubtfully as she tells the hospital his “name,” and Kat Dennings Facebooking the Marvel character’s voracious appetite for PopTarts.

Then things get heavy. Check it out below:

As you can see, the new trailer also giving us the first sustained look at the trio of villains he will face on his humbling mission to protect Earth (thanks for turning on the charm, Natalie Portman). First: Thor’s brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston, whom we’ll see more of in Steven Spielberg’s War Horse), a bitter sibling out to undercut Thor and usurp their father, Odin (Anthony Hopkins). “A brother who is unhappy is a dangerous relative to have,” director Kenneth Branagh tells EW. (Yes, that Kenneth Branagh.)

Villain No. 2 is a bit frostier. “The story involves a clash with an ice planet,” says Branagh, “and the frost giants who live therein. They — as might be suggested by the name — are enormous creatures of incredible power who have been robbed of their power and glory by Odin, Thor’s father. What fuels a lot of this intense battle is revenge. This is an angry race, trying to get back at Thor and the Asgardians, the self-proclaimed guardians of the universe.”

The final villain is “an incredible war machine known as The Destroyer,” Branagh says. That’s the massive, metal giant whose face opens up to reveal projectile hellfire. “This series of metal bands form a giant, walking beast and open to reveal terrifying firepower,” he says, and the ruler of Asgard controls it. (Although maybe it responds to “Klaatu Barada Nikto“?)

“In the right hands, this incredibly powerful device — awesome in its killing quality — is potentially a creature of extraordinary protective powers,” says the director. “In the wrong hands, it is a nightmare.”

Check back on tomorrow morning for more from Branagh on how he went about humanizing the taciturn Norse god.