Who wasn’t excited to hear that Lindsay Lohan would show up in person at The Late Show with David Letterman to read a Top Ten list? Who wasn’t disappointed when the starlet backed out of the appearance? Last night, Letterman himself tried to explain the kerfuffle … and put the blame squarely on his shoulders. According to the host, after he made a Lohan-themed joke in his Grammys Top Ten list, he received a call from someone claiming to represent Lohan. Letterman: “The guys says, ‘Lindsay thought that joke was hilarious. She wants to be on your show.’ So I said, great!” (According to PopEater, the “guy” was actually Michael Lohan, clearly hoping for a repeat victory in the “Worst Father of the Decade” tournament.) “We were duped, and I have no one to blame but myself,” concludes Letterman. “I hope I didn’t embarrass you, Lindsay, and your family.” Watch video of Dave’s apology after the jump…