Image Credit: Donna Ward/Retna LtdI guess Sean Garrett wasn't playing when he told us Beyoncé is working on some jams for her next album last fall.

Along with the batch of party-starters the producer and pop icon were cooking up then, this morning MTV reports that the R&B diva who brought us "Single Ladies" and  "Get Me Bodied" is working with the guy that helped M.I.A. with her biggest hit: Diplo.

It's an odd collaboration, considering Beyoncé usually stays true to a more hip-hop and R&B sound. But it's also a good sign that she's branching out and exploring other genres. Another unexpected collab with Sleigh Bells has also been confirmed by NME, though the band has no clue whether or not their song will make the final cut.

"I actually have no idea if the collaboration will ever be released," Bells guitarist Derek Miller tells them. "Beyoncé works with whoever she wants to work with, probably 30 or 40 producers. It's a totally different world from what I'm used to. So for me it's just exciting to hear something that I worked on but I can't really say any more than that."

What do you think of Beyoncé opening up her playing field to the indie band and dubstep DJ? Let us know.

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