Have you ever seen a public execution? Me neither. But I did watch Oprah bludgeon James Frey and Jon Stewart eviscerate Jim Cramer. A televised flagellation can be be both necessary and gruesome, especially when the offender offers up no real defense for his transgressions. Take Nir Rosen, the freelance journalist who went before Anderson Cooper last night after he’d tweeted insensitive and irresponsible posts following the sexual assault of CBS News correspondent Lara Logan. Cooper was relentless, prodding Rosen for some explanation. “There’s no defense,” said Rosen. “No matter what I say … I look like a jerk.” Yes. Yes, you do.

Cooper, who had also been slighted by Rosen’s callous tweets, was incredulous that Rosen refused to budge from his ignorance defense, and continued to hammer Rosen with the disgraced journalist’s own words. It wasn’t pretty, but it was fair. Take a look.

Did you watch their exchange? Do you give Rosen any points for taking his beating so publicly or are you offended that he gets an ounce of publicity out of his offensive remarks?

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