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Image Credit: Kevin Parry/WireImage.comWell, it's about time! After watching his Dawson's Creek co-stars mature into a two-time Oscar nominee, a cult TV show lead, and a Batman Begins star and wife of a global megastar, James Van Der Beek is finally getting his chance to shine: EW has confirmed Deadline's report that the former teen heartthrob has nabbed a role in ABC's Don't Trust the Bitch in Apt. 23 pilot. It gets better: In the pilot, Van Der Beek will be playing… himself. This news makes me so happy, I could do this.

Because, really, why would we want to watch James Van Der Beek play an undetermined role when he could be James Van Der Beek, he of the hysterically nostalgic Funny or Die videos? The actor might have starred in One Tree Hill and Mercy (and boasted a slew of guest star appearances) since Dawson's end in 2003, but he made the most impact on fans as soon as he, well, embraced the hilarity of being James Van Der Beek. Said the actor to EW earlier this year: "People would tweet stuff like 'classic @vanderjames!' and I'd expect it to be, like, something heroic from Varsity Blues or a cool shot from Rules of Attraction. But inevitably, it was always the crying gif. It would happen quite often, and I'd always fall for it. And I'd always laugh."

The actor will, of course, be playing a version of himself, which makes me think of Neil Patrick Harris in Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle… which makes me think of what other amiable stars else I'd love to see star in a sitcom as "himself." My No. 1 pick right now: Jon Hamm. As long as the plot centered on him arranging the opening of <a href="

Who's your pick, PopWatchers? And what type of Van Der Beek would you like to see in Don't Trust the Bitch, should it go to air? A nice Van Der Beek? An a–hole Van Der Beek? Or a constantly crying Van Der Beek? And let's hope this works better than when Jennifer Grey played "herself" in It's Like, You Know… (Ed. Fill in the blank: Canceled.)

Finally, for your viewing pleasure, enjoy "Vandermemes" below!

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