Image Credit: Heather Wines/CBSLady Gaga called into KIIS FM's On Air with Ryan Seacrest today and laid one heckuva revelation on us: She spent 72 hours (yes, that's 72 hours) in her egg, which she calls a "vessel," prior to bursting out at the Grammys. First off: Danny Boyle, I think you have your next movie. Secondly: Are we sure Gaga isn't actually an undercover David Blaine performing the most elaborate stunt ever? Said Gaga about her red carpet costume, "I was in there for about 72 hours, and it was a very creative experience, and it was time for me to prepare and really think about the meaning of ["Born This Way," which she performed on stage] and get prepared for the performance. I really wanted to be born on stage." (No word back yet from Gaga's camp about whether she stayed in the vessel for 72 consecutive or non-consecutive hours.)

Along with talking to Seacrest about her "creative embryonic incubation," Gaga also spoke about why she thanked Whitney Houston when accepting her Grammy Sunday ("She was my vocal idol for so many years") and what exactly she sees inside her brain: "There is a giant stiletto heel stuck in between my left and right lobe," she told Seacrest. "There's a few ex-boyfriends lingering in-between. And I would say an abundance of Francis Bacon and Dalí-like references. And perhaps a little bit of Rainbow Brite and Barbie." (I don't know about you, PopWatchers, but I loved Dalí's The Persistence of Lala Orange.)

And if we thought Gaga's Grammy antics were shocking, we can only imagine what's ahead should she decide to release "Government Hooker," one of Born This Way's tracks, as a single. "'Born This Way' is just the beginning of this album," Gaga said of the May 23 release. "It's certainly not even the biggest hit on the album. You have to hear the rest of the record. I don't want to boast about it, because I am humble about what I do, but it's a great album."

Tell us, PopWatchers: Could you do anything for 72 hours? I couldn't even do the two things I love most — eat chocolate and play with my cat — for 72 hours. Wait, am I Cathy?

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