Justin Bieber has every reason to be cruising the late-night circuit. He has a movie in theaters. He’s coming off a well-received Grammy performance. And he’s, well, Justin Bieber.

On Chelsea Lately, the singer gave his frequent flirt buddy a big, wet cheek smooch before giving her a Grammy post-game of sorts. He lamented his two losses (“I’m not gonna lie. People are expecting me to say, like, something else, but I’m disappointed”) and spoke about his awkward encounter with Lady Gaga at last year’s ceremony. “She went for a hug, and I was like ‘Oh, let’s just hold up on that. You have meat on you,'” he said.

And apparently he’s not a fan of Gaga’s fashions or, erm, expressions at all, taking a jab at her egg/pod entrance this year. “People say it’s artistic and stuff, and I’m, like, ‘You’re an egg.'”

The best moment, though, came when the teen turned the tables on the witty host, poking fun at her rumored relationships.

Handler: “You’re really young and you work all the time. When do you have time to, you know, look at pictures of me?”

Bieber: “I do that all the time. You know, the ones with you and 50 [Cent] and stuff,”

Handler: [Pause] “Touché, girl.”

There was slightly less flirting when Bieber stopped by Conan and expressed their mutual hair lust. “No, no. You’ve got the amazing hair. It’s just so aerodynamic,” Bieber told Conan before running his hands through the host’s copper coiffure. How tender.

Check out his appearances below.

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