By Sandra Gonzalez
Updated February 15, 2011 at 11:44 PM EST

Image Credit: Adam Rose/FoxI’m going on record to say I’m terrified of tonight’s episode of Glee (titled “Comeback”). Why? Because Sam is going to sing Justin Bieber — and I love Sam’s voice. Thus, tomorrow, as I stroll into work, I know, I KNOW that I’m going to be humming a freakin’ Justin Bieber song.

Now, I don’t have anything personal against the Biebs. I have a teenie bopper past of my own, and the little Biebernators who run around make my heart flutter with memories of my own dark past. But the music is not my cup o’ Irish coffee.

My problem lies in this: I know I’m going to judge myself tomorrow for falling madly in love with “Baby.” I don’t listen to song leaks, but from what I heard during last week’s preview, it’s going to be in heavy rotation. So I suggest a musical pass for all Gleeks. Tomorrow, let’s all hum “Baby” (or “Somebody to Love,” which is also being feature in the episode) if we so choose and promise not to berate ourselves — or each other. Deal? Deal.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s wait out these hours until the new episode with peace of mind — and healthy excitement. Tonight, I hear that Rachel has lots of scenes with Brittany (a.k.a.: pure magic), and Sue returns after being absent from last week’s Tuesday episode.

After the episode, return here to sound off about it, and check back in early morning for my recap!

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