Like the movie itself, the one-sheet for the Russell Brand-starring remake of Arthur has a lot to live up to. A bunch of toys on the floor, while playful, can’t compare to that iconic shot of Dudley Moore in a bubble bath. That read decadence and total abandon. This reads man-child, which is a common theme nowadays and less exciting. I do appreciate the Magritte-inspired hat though.

Do you agree that the next poster for the April release needs to let loose a little? I suspect the studio wants to get Helen Mirren and Jennifer Garner on the poster for star power, but perhaps once we approach the release date, it can gamble on a Brand solo shot bold enough to make you stop in a theater lobby. This one seems like a wasted opportunity.

P.S. I know she’s playing a nanny, but even nanny Helen Mirren deserves better shoes. Click here for a larger image.

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