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Image Credit: Jonathan Fickies/Bloomberg/Getty ImagesBefore he goes behind the scenes of a cable news network with his HBO pilot, uber-writer Aaron Sorkin will go behind the scenes of a fictional sketch show on 30 Rock.

EW has learned exclusively that Sorkin — who will find out in two weeks whether his screenplay for The Social Network is deserving of an Oscar — will play himself in an episode that’s expected to air in March or April. As usual, insiders are tight-lipped about the actual plot, so let’s just assume Sorkin’s appearance will feature lots of artful yammering and long, continuous shots through the TGS halls.

Occasionally, Sorkin likes to appear in front of the camera. He had a bit part as an ad executive in The Social Network, along with a brief cameo recently on Entourage. He also performed quick spots in The American President and A Few Good Men, his other movies.

While racking up the awards for penning The Social Network, Sorkin has turned his attention to HBO — the possible home of his next TV show. If greenlit to series, the project (think Sports Night meets Countdown) would mark Sorkin’s return to the politically charged workplace drama series — subject matter that gave NBC one of its longest running hits with Sorkin’s The West Wing.

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