By Dan Snierson
February 14, 2011 at 12:00 PM EST

Image Credit: Ash NewellHere we go again on the most romantic day of the year, sitting at our most unsexy work station, trying to figure out what to get you before the still of the night arrives. Instead of a chocolate heart filled with tiny teddy bears, dearest Music Mixers, might we interest you in something with a little bite to it—perhaps an exclusive preview of the new Whitesnake single? The rockers kick romance into high gear on “Love Will Set You Free,” which can be found on their new album Forevermore (Mar. 29). We are guessing that it is best enjoyed while racing around town in a Jaguar XJ, or even rolling around on the hood of a stationary one. (What? Now you’re looking at us like we once considered using “I don’t know where I’m going/but I sure know where I’ve been” as our high school yearbook quote.) In any case, Whitesnake fans can sigh in relief: Sounds like frontman David Coverdale, 59, has healed from the vocal injury that forced the band to cut short its 2009 tour. Press play and tell us: Is this love?