Image Credit: Tonner Doll CompanyToys, toys, toys everywhere! This year’s Toy Fair kicked off yesterday, introducing a gaggle of action figures built around new movie franchises, upcoming videogames, and attractive vampire teenagers. Tons of photos from the event have shown up online, but I’d like to direct your attention to freakishly real-looking toys in particular. The “Jasper” figure (see left) from Twilight perfectly captures Jackson Rathbone’s elfen cheekbones — parents of 9-year-old girls, I present you with the only birthday present your daughter will really want this year. The Green Lantern action figure is also pretty spot-on — although Ryan Reynolds’ hair looks a little bit too Harry Osborn-esque — but what’s interesting is how organic-looking they’ve made the costume. It almost looks vaguely insectile. Check it out after the jump…

Admittedly, Kilowog looks like a Clive Barker nightmare, but otherwise, looks pretty cool. Also, for no good reason besides the fact that I finally finished BioShock 1 yesterday, check out some groovy Big Daddy figures from the new BioShock collection. Hooray for the cyborg goon worshippers of Ayn Rand!:

If you want to see more, Collider posted 100 or so photos from the event. Check it out then let us know your pick for Coolest Doll Action Figure at Toy Fair 2011.