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Image Credit: Image Credit: TLCFor all those who found themselves irresistibly drawn into the polyga-drama of TLC’s Sister Wives, EW has the second season premiere date and some details about what’s coming up.

Kody Brown and his four wives — Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn — along with their 17 children will return on Sunday, March 13.

But the big question has been what will happen on Sister Wives now that the family — after outing their “plural lifestyle” on TV — is being investigated for felony bigamy in Utah. For those who want to know, read on…

TLC isn’t going to shy away from the drama caused by its program. In fact, it’s the main focus of season 2. Cameras never stopped rolling on the Browns as season one began airing on TLC last year, so the entire impact of being exposed a polygamists was captured by producers.

Season 2 will feature a family ranch trip to Wyoming, planning a Halloween celebration and going on a winter cabin trip. All the while, the tension mounts over their now-public lifestyle, culminating with Brown deciding to move his brood to Nevada.

Sister Wives will launch with a one-hour episode as part of a split second season, with the other half to air on TLC later this year. There will be ten episodes — three one-hour episodes and seven half hours.

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