The fun of watching Boston Rob Mariano and Russell Hantz interact in our joint interview the day before Survivor: Redemption Island began filming is that they’re a lot like James Bond and an arch-enemy just before a shoot-out. They both know they’re gunning for each other, but act as polite as can be hoping they can fool the other into thinking otherwise. Just check out part 3 of the exclusive on-location chat and see for yourself as the two returning players try to convince each other that they’re both down with forming an alliance. Surrrrrrrrrrre you are. Whatever you say, buddy! Also of interest: Russell actually making the somewhat startling admission that “My personal game sucks.” Really? You don’t say? “When I vote them out I not only cut them, I rub salt in their wounds.” Well, that might have something to do with it. Watch part 3 of the 4-part interview after the jump below, and if you missed parts 1 (which includes the first blindside of the season!) and 2, you can stay tuned to watch those as well. And then check back Tuesday for part 4, where Rob tells Russell what will happen if he burns his socks. (For more Survivor news and views, follow me on Twitter @EWDaltonRoss.)