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Image Credit: Everett CollectionHoward Stern's Private Parts has been running ad nauseam on HBO this month, but one of Saturday's broadcasts had plugged-in fans glued to the tube. That is because Stern himself was simultaneously tweeting a running commentary online while he was watching at home. Stern broke down his favorite scenes, discussed his co-stars, and separated fact from fiction: "The real reality- we called him pig virus and I have no idea why I changed it . I have to ask the writer Len Blum why i did that," he typed about Pig Vomit, the film's antagonist played by Paul Giamatti. Most of his comments were vintage Howard, like, "The erection scene in the movie was a metal piece that put in my pants. I had a stunt penis," and others were pure manna for Stern junkies: "jenna jameson for this scene. she was so comfortable on set she stayed naked even at the kraft services table." No surprise, then that "Private Parts" was quickly trending.

It was an inspired move by Stern, who only just joined the Twitterverse. As one follower tweeted, "Simply watching Private Parts with your commentary is making me subscribe to Sirius again."

Is this the wave of the future? Can Twitter commentaries persuade DVR junkies to tune in during the original broadcast? And what movie would you nominate for a Twitter commentary? My three: Jeff Bridges tweeting The Big Lebowski; director Rowdy Herrington tweeting Road House; and Bill Murray tweeting non-stop during the Masters golf tournament.

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