Image Credit: Ted Axelrod/Fox News; Michael Caulfield/WireImage.comMuse fan Glenn Beck, who labeled the band as “libertarian” on his Twitter after the release of The Resistance, has once again taken to name-checking the group, this time during his radio show. Following the group’s performance at the Grammys last night — which highlighted a famous photo of Prince Charles and Camilla getting mobbed by protesters in December — the right-wing radio host suggested “Uprising” was inciting revolution. “You have basically a call for revolution by this group,” Beck said. “Now, you have to remember these are Europeans, and they have been degraded for a very long time. Really, since the beginning of time. They have had very few glimpses of real freedom, even when England won the Second World War. They didn’t go into freedom. That’s where the Road to Serfdom came from.” (EW’s Adam Markovitz, who graded the performances, didn’t quite think anyone watching would be driven to raise their defiant voices: “The band’s anti-establishment, ‘Down with the Man’ message was a welcome dose of outsider energy for the usually staid Grammys, though their heavy handed delivery isn’t likely to inspire any off-stage revolutions.”)

Muse has yet to respond to EW’s request for comment. (Back in 2010, the band dismissed Beck as a “crazy right-winger.”) But the radio host, who also mentioned that he based his own theme song off of the band’s “Uprising,” is not necessarily hoping many caught the performance: “Anybody who was watching the Grammys last night, you should have your head examined,” he said.

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