Image Credit: Lester Cohen/WireImage.comDrake and record producer Boi-1da have a lot in common: They’re both 24, Canucks, kinda big deals in the hip-hop scene, and have Grammy nominations under their belts. Now, they’re working on an album together for a second time—specifically, Drake’s second and forthcoming disc, Take Care. Last night on the Grammy Awards’ red carpet, EW snaked a few hints from producer Boi-1da, who shared his thoughts on his buddy’s forthcoming oeuvre.

“It is amazing stuff. A lot of rapping, more than on the last album,” Boi-1da told us. “He is trying to go in a slightly different direction, but stay consistent enough to give the fans what they want. He is more confident, and sure that what he is doing, he’s doing right. That opens artists up to trying new things and experimenting.”

Last year, Boi-1da produced Drake’s inaugural Thank Me Later (which was nominated for Best Rap Album) and Eminem’s “Recovery” (which won Best Rap Album and was nominated for Album of the Year). Could this “slightly different direction” of which 1da speaks will be well received and will keep Drake on the path to those gilded gramophones? Probably. The rapper received four nods this year, and performed “What’s My Name?” with Rihanna on last night’s live telecast. (He’s come a long way from his acting days on Canadian teen drama, Degrassi: The Next Generation, hasn’t he?)

“We are doing a lot of work,” Boi-1da continued EW. “I did a bunch of stuff on the last record, and we worked well together, so I think we will throw together a bunch of stuff and see what sticks.”

Take Care is slated for release sometime this spring. (Reporting by Carrie Bell.)

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