Image Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty ImagesAha! And now the egg/pod type thing in which Lady Gaga arrived at the Grammys all makes sense! Okay, not totally, but at least we now see that it was part of her performance of her much-anticipated new single “Born This Way.” And, yeah, it even makes the tiniest bit of sense to us mere mortals: See, she was “born” out of the pod/egg at the beginning of her performance, and she was born out of it “this way,” etc.

“This way” being wearing a sheer, flowing yellow skirt, a shiny, see through (with handy, broadcast-friendly nipple coverage, natch) half top with Star Trek shoulder pads, and an I Dream of Jeannie high ponytail. Once we digested all that, we could listen to the song which is, yes, damn catchy. There is no other way of saying it: I will be singing this in my dreams whether I want to or not. I will also be downloading it onto my iPod straight into my workout mix — was this thing not made for cardio? If it makes me think of how great Gaga’s abs looked in this outfit, I will work out twice as hard. And clearly, when this is not being played in gyms across the country, it will be on repeat in gay clubs, possibly forever, with that “Don’t be a drag, just be a queen” refrain. Yes, part of the social message here, I know. And I like it.

Was it also kind-of a mash-up between “Express Yourself” and “Vogue,” especially with that rap part in the middle? Sure. But there are worse things in the world. Did we also get a very Gaga interlude on a crazy glass pipe organ with a mirror? Yes, and there are worse things in the world than that, too.

All in all, a fine use of giant egg/pod and a good start to the night. What did you think, Music Mixers?

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