Image Credit: Michael Caulfield/ Katy Perry sparkled, quite literally, onstage for her Grammy performance. She looked gorgeous, yes, but was also covered in sparkles — a sparkly mini dress, sparkly face, sparkly eye shadow, sparkly microphone, sparkly legs — while she sat on a pretty sparkly swing. This was good news, mainly because she was singing kind-of a downer of a song that was not one of her massive hit singles. (“Not Like the Movies,” for those of you keeping track while counting the seconds before she launched into something recognizable.) To entertain us while this continued, the swing slowly rose while home-movie footage of her recent wedding to Russell Brand was projected on the curtains behind her. This was helpful to the three people left in the world who didn’t know these two got hitched.

Finally, we got to “Teenage Dream,” which is one of those songs that has so saturated the culture, it’s hard for it to make a big impact. It was a pretty straightforward performance, with lots of Valentine’s hearts and dancers in cute little red dresses. It kinda made me wish Darren Criss would suddenly appear to do his version of the song from Glee, Though maybe I felt that way just because this came on the heels of that other Glee-inspired pairing, Cee-Lo and Gwyneth.

What did you think of Katy Perry, Music Mixers? Did you like “Not Like the Movies,” or prefer her bigger hit?

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