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Updated February 13, 2011 at 12:00 PM EST
Bruno Mars
Credit: Michael Caulfield/

He sings! He dances! He writes massive No. 1 hits for himself and seemingly every other artist on the planet! He (did everyone but me already know this?) plays the drums! At this point, it’s no surprise that Bruno Mars can put on a good show, but his Grammy performance — which also featured B.o.B and Janelle Monae — was a total blast. First the trio attempted a strings-backed take on B.o.B’s “Nothin’ on You” (Mars wrote and sings the hook for the tune), which sounded decent, if a little shaky. But then Mars launched into a revamped, classic-soul take on his No. 1 hit “Grenade,” and as the cameras clicked over to black and white the performance came alive, with Mars showing off his sweet, touch-of-grit voice. Then it was Monae’s turn, and while her typically manic performance of “Cold War” was fun (though really, Janelle: crowd surfing in 2011?), Mars kept snagging the camera with his surprisingly slick drumming performance, which managed to be both technically adept and entertaining to watch.

So what do you think? Could Mars be the most all-around talented new pop star out there? Or is he just okay?

Image Credit: Michael Caulfield/

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