“If they fear you, they will respect you,” says Russell Hantz of the 16 newbies he is about to face on Survivor: Redemption Island. “They will fear me, I promise.” But does the person sitting in the chair to his left fear him? In part 2 of our 4-part exclusive on location pre-game chat with Russell and Boston Rob Mariano, the two former foes discuss how they would react if they were new contestants and saw two all-stars returning to play again. Plus, Rob answers the question of whether Russell had an unfair advantage in Heroes vs. Villains because nobody had seen him play, while Russell shares his plan to get to the very end…again. If you thought Redemption Island was set to kick-off Wednesday, Feb. 16 on CBS, think again, as the game has clearly already begun as the two heavyweights attempt to kill each other with kindness. Watch part 2 of the 4-part interview after the jump below, and if you missed part 1 (which includes the first blindside of the season!), you can stay tuned to watch that as well. And then check back Monday for part 3, as Russell shares this startling admission: “My personal game sucks.” (For more Survivor news and views, follow me on Twitter @EWDaltonRoss.)