We hang out with the middle Jonas brother as he puts together his first solo album

Creating a Vibe
You might expect Joe Jonas, 21, to be nervous about his debut non-Jonas Brothers CD, but working at L.A.’s Chalice Studios, he seems totally relaxed. Maybe it’s the chilled-out atmosphere: SportsCenter on the TV, candles flickering around the room, an adorable English bulldog named Winston curled up on the floor. Or maybe he’s just confident about the material, much of which he’s crafting with studio whiz Danja, a frequent Britney Spears collaborator. ”It’s not just a cheesy pop record,” Jonas says.

Love in the Club
Lyrically, Jonas isn’t moving far from his roots in lovey-dovey pop ditties that make the girls swoon, but he also wants to win back former fans who’ve moved on from the Brothers’ teen-pop sound. ”Most of the songs are love-related,” he says. ”But I put the responsibility on myself to try to grab their ears again.” Jonas expects 90 percent of the album to be uptempo party music, and at one point he cues up a synthy dance-floor jam called ”Not Right Now” that sounds absolutely nothing like the Jonas Brothers. ”The dance element,” he says, ”is where my heart is.”

The Other Brothers
So what do his siblings Nick and Kevin think? ”They’ve come into the studio a couple times and heard some stuff,” Jonas says. (The trio has no immediate plans to record a new album together.) ”I remember watching my brother Kevin’s reaction, and he was just like, ‘Whoa!”’