In a sign that Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark is still very much a work in progress even after this week’s pre-opening reviews, EW has confirmed that the Broadway show’s producers have been soliciting audiences to participate in focus groups to help the creators hone in on trouble spots in the weeks leading up to the official March 15 opening. In an e-mail sent on Feb. 8 and obtained by EW, people were invited to see either the first or second act separately and then fill out a survey and take part in a 15-minute discussion. In exchange, participants were promised a “Spider-Man goodie bag worth over $60.” A source close to the production verified the email but declined to elaborate on specific issues being addressed by the groups. The show’s official spokesperson, Rick Miramontez, provided the following statement on the matter: “In an effort to gather as much audience feedback as possible the production is continuing to hold focus groups and surveys, just as it has throughout most of its preview period.”

The news adds credence to the claim, made repeatedly by producer Michael Cohl, that director Julie Taymor and her team are still making significant tweaks to the long-delayed show. Several major publications, including the New York Times and the L.A. Times, ran reviews of the musical earlier this week, often citing impatience over its extended preview period. (The original opening was scheduled for late 2010.)

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