Four things that'll surprise you about the star of ''The Office'' and ''Cedar Rapids''

Cedar Rapids

In Cedar Rapids, Ed Helms plays a naive insurance agent who goes wild at an out-of-town convention. The 37-year-old star of The Office and The Hangover says that really, he’s a ”terribly boring guy.” We beg to differ! Here are four things about him that will surprise you.

He’s had open-heart surgery: ”I had a congenital heart condition that became an issue as I hit my growth spurt. My operation was during spring break of my eighth-grade year. I do have a scar, and you can see it in the movie — it’s a little zipper, about eight inches, that’s gotten lost in the fur. I have a natural sweater that disguises it.”

He listens to Yanni: ”I went through a phase when I was obsessed with him. When I did stand-up, I’d do a whole analysis of Yanni, play his music — which is all instrumental — and make up lyrics. I understand the ironic appreciation of him but…I really do love Yanni! Somewhere in me there is a lonely middle-aged housewife with a deep abiding crush on him.”

He has banjo-bonded with Steve Martin: ”We’ve become friends through playing the banjo. Obviously we’re both comedy people, but it is really neat to share a specific passion. I produce a bluegrass festival, the L.A. Bluegrass Situation. Last year’s was our first, and Steve was gracious enough to jump on board. We’ve had some great musical times together.”

He isn’t as tough as he looks: ”About 10 years ago I was on a surfing trip in Indonesia. A friend cracked his knee open. I went into badass medic mode; I’m cleaning the wound, I’m talking my buddy down — I can’t believe it, and I’m sort of impressed with myself. And then all of a sudden I blacked out. I went into shock and had to go lie down. I really wish I was cooler under pressure.”

Cedar Rapids
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