Mike Tyson, Stephen King, Joan Rivers and other stars made pop culture news this week

·You need these now: two covers of Lady Antebellum’s ”Need You Now” — one by the Glee cast, the other by Darius ·Rucker and Adele.
·Joan Rivers’ genius red-carpet commentary on E!’s Fashion Police. It’s why God made awards season.
·Stephen King mania resweeping the nation
·Finally a Star Wars prequel we can get behind.
·Bill Hader’s wonderfully random, dead-on Alan Alda impression

·Ken Jennings vs. a computer on Jeopardy!: Wait, we thought Ken Jennings was a computer!
·The Good Husband
·Okay, Melissa Leo, we have now considered your cleavage.
·New Dynasty dolls. Lily pond not included.
·Now we know what Spider-Man does on the weekends.
·”Daddy, do I have to watch Meet the Fockers AGAIN?!”
·Weird Facts of Life news, part 1: this book
·Weird Facts of Life news, part 2: this look

·Spencer and Heidi say they’re heading to Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi texts Dubai, ”Is skank contagious?”
·Kardashian fatigue
·It’s official: The Super Bowl and former Mouseketeers just don’t mix.
·Kate Walsh debuts her new fragrance, Boyfriend. Girlfriend: No.
·Mike Tyson will write for the poetry issue of Oprah’s magazine. ”I’ve got this great one about a man from Nantucket,” he says.
·The desire — but inability — to escape Justin Bieber