Image Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FoxSPOILER ALERT: Last night’s episode of Bones was the one many fans have been waiting for — Hannah turned down Booth’s marriage proposal because she’s “just not the marrying kind.” Booth, understandably, took it hard, and David Boreanaz took his character to places we had not seen before. How about that look Booth gave Hannah when she asked him to pretend the proposal and refusal never happened? That is the closest Seeley Booth will ever come to wanting to strike a woman.

Hannah feels they’re only done for now, but I don’t see him forgiving her, even if he comes to the conclusion that she’d always been upfront about not being “the marrying kind,” and uses divers to fetch that rock he threw into the water. (We all saw that coming, and I’m sure we were all thinking he really can’t afford to pitch the ring.)

The surprise of the episode was the scene after that, when Brennan joined Booth at the bar after he’d been drinking for hours. Hannah had phoned Brennan, so she knew what had happened, and I think I started tearing up when Booth reacted to hearing that. Honestly, I’m not sure. I didn’t realize I was crying at first, but when a few tears spilled out, it hit me how invested I still am in Seeley Booth. We always talk about the humor David Boreanaz brings to the role, and those long, layered looks he gives Emily Deschanel’s Brennan. But this was one of his best scenes to date.

He played the frustration and brokenness perfectly. Brennan asked what happens next, and Booth told her she likes evidence, so here it is: “There’s something wrong here,” he said. He’s fallen in love with three women who didn’t want to marry him — Parker’s mother, Brennan, and Hannah. “What is it with women who just don’t want what I’m offering here?” he asked. It’s something you’d expect to hear a woman say in the loser limo on The Bachelor, but to hear a man like Seeley say that was moving. He wouldn’t let her answer. “I’m just mad. I’m just really mad at all of you. I’m just mad,” he told her. Then he almost angrily detailed what was going to happen, as though he was rebuilding his identity from the ground up: They’re partners. They’re good people who catch bad people. Sometime they celebrate with a drink. That’s what’s next. Either she sits there and drinks with him now (in my mind, letting him put up that wall and do whatever he needs to do to get through the night), or she leaves and he finds her another FBI guy. Those were her only options, he said. She drank. Watch the proposal and bar scenes below.

Did you cry?

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